Les Moldaves
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With: Patrick Yohalin, Emmanuel Gavoille , directed by Thomas Garcia

The Moldavians are born of a joke, no one would have thought that we would complete this delirant project mounted for the Puget Theniers circus festival in 2006. It comes the desire to create a light formula, without constraints, easy to Install and disassemble and full of a quirky and delusional humor.
We start exploring a world of artists from the East; Strong, impressive, cold, insensitive to pain ... but "funny" old-fashioned and unrestrained.

The technique was obvious, the simple fact of pretending to come from eastern europe, obviously pushed us to place high level circus techniques. The work on the juggling in rebound was important at the beginning, We really wanted the rebound board to be both technical and lively, which made us work on rebound passing but also intentions in juggling.
Once the characters sketched and the work of clowns well begun, we built crescendo the different paintings that make up the show.
We are always looking for public contact to approve our gags and effects.

We present in the street the show, which allows us to always go to the essential and privilegier rhythm; Unlike our version of indoor theater much less "force", which allows us to install our universe and our characters.
We create this universe using texts, posters, tourist guides and other typical objects, we physically invest the places, presenting the life, society, customs and costumes of Moldova through some twenty informative panels, let's go Until we make tastings of original dishes of Moldova. The immersion of the public in a Moldavian world interests us enormously.

We all the more enjoy the show when the audience was totally
When he leaves us full of doubts about our origins.
The show exists in version Sign language
With a translator actor!
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