Cie PasVuPasPris
2 Ruelle St André 06300 Nice
Siret : 508 295 292 00033 - APE : 9001Z - Licence 2 : 1064508 tel : +33 (0)

La Compagnie PasVuPasPris...

The company PasVuPasPris was born in September 2006, but the adventure began well before ...

Desiring to caress an artistic career in the circus, we meet for the first time at the halls to
Paris, a place of juggling in the 90s.

It is after having worked a few years our various specialties that we participate in the show of Madonna Bouglione "On the road of Siena" which turned for 2 years.
At the end of the tour our respective paths separate us.

It is after 7 years that we meet to create, develop and compare our experiences in original creations.

Our desire to stage new, modern and creative shows brings us to the stage, not forgetting to make lighter things like "The Moldavians" which only pretend to entertain you and make you feel good time.

It is through disciplines like: balances, reaches, juggling, acrobatics and even the parachute!
We intend to carry out our creations not exempt from Circassian exploits and prowess without forgetting to introduce a touch of poetry which for us is a challenge to be met.

Thank you to all those who, by their visits or their support, have allowed us to lead this adventure, to give life to our ideas for shows that invite you to surprise, emotion , Traveling ...

Patrick & Manu

The compagny is also :

- 5 permanent staff (accountant, administrator, broadcaster)

- 11 intermittent artists

- 9 shows with 1135 performances worldwide

- more than 630000 km traveled (2 trucks ...)